But Sunday Is Coming

By Antoine N. Holloway, Evangelist at Northside church of Christ in Tucson, Arizona

Whatdo we look forward to throughout the week?  Many of us dread Mondays because it is the beginning of the work week & we look forward to Fridays because it is the end of the work week.  Question: If Jesus had this mentality, could He have endured the cross, considering the end of His work week was the worst ever known to man?  Jesus could not look forward to Thursday, Friday, or Saturday, but He was able to survive each of these days because He knew Sunday was coming. 

What is so special about Sunday?  This question is a question many in the Lord’s church ask today.  For this reason, worship is forsaken on Sunday, Bible Study is ignored on Sunday, & fellowship is minimized on Sunday.  Why?  It is because we fail to see the significance & look forward to the first day of the week.  Let us take a moment to observe the end of the Savior’s work week & learn from Him, so His passion becomes our passion.

What Did Jesus Experience On Thursday (Matthew 26:17-75)?

Jesus knew He was going to die & be raised to life again.  Therefore, He made preparations for His weekend on Thursday (Matthew 26:17-19).  Jesus revealed the truth that everybody who follows us or walks with us is not always with us on Thursday (Matthew 26:20-25).  Jesus proved there is no such thing as praying too much on Thursday (Matthew 26:36-44).  Jesus was betrayed by friends on Thursday (Matthew 26:47-50).  Jesus was forsaken & left alone on Thursday (Matthew 26:56).  Jesus was lied on & led away on Thursday (Matthew 26:57-65).  Jesus was found guilty on Thursday (Matthew 26:66).  Jesus was spit on, buffeted, smitten, & teased on Thursday (Matthew 26:67-68).  Jesus was denied by a close friend on Thursday (Matthew 26:69-75).  This was the Thursday our Lord experienced.  He could have given up, but He kept moving forward because He knew Sunday was coming!

What Did Jesus Experience On Friday (Matthew 27:1-60)?

After Thursday passed, before Jesus could get to Sunday, He had to first go through a Friday.  Jesus saw how His enemies, nemesis, antagonists, & adversaries had to call for assistance to destroy Him on Friday (Matthew 27:1-2).  Jesus saw firsthand how foolishness & ignorance prevailed on Friday (Matthew 27:15-21).  Jesus witnessed how boldly cowards speak on Friday (Matthew 27:22-25).  Jesus was scourged, stripped naked, mocked, spit upon, humiliated, & crucified on Friday (Matthew 27:26-49).  Jesus was left for dead on Friday (Matthew 27:50).  Jesus was buried & put away on Friday (Matthew 27:57-60).  This was the Friday our Lord experienced.  He could have given up, but His soul continued to believe in God because He knew Sunday was coming!

What Did Jesus Experience On Saturday (Matthew 27:62-66)?

After Friday passed, before Jesus could get to Sunday, He had to first go through a Saturday.  Jesus’ enemies made preparations to keep Him down on Saturday (Matthew 27:62-66).  Jesus’ body laid in a dark, cold, sealed, & guarded tomb by itself on Saturday.  Saturday was the Lord’s darkest day.  There was no light at the end of the tomb on Saturday; no sign of a silver lining in the cloud on Saturday; there was complete & utter silence on Saturday; there was no word from God on Saturday; there was no sign of hope on Saturday.  This was the Saturday our Lord experienced.  He was dead to the world.  Jesus could have stayed dead, but Jesus knew He would rise again because Sunday was coming!

What Happened On Sunday (Matthew 28:1-8)?

On Sunday, God shook things up (Matthew 28:1-2).  On Sunday, God sent divine help to remove every obstacle, stumbling block, & person in Jesus’ way (Matthew 28:2).  On Sunday, the enemies of Christ trembled in fear (Matthew 28:4).  On Sunday, God raised Jesus up (Matthew 28:7).  On Sunday, joy becomes the theme of the redeemed (Matthew 28:8).

We may be experiencing a Thursday today, in which we are prayed out, betrayed, led away, lied on, forsaken, accused falsely, spit upon, beat down, slapped around, teased, & denied. 

We may be experiencing a Friday today, in which we are picked on, ganged on, talked about, scourged, stripped, mocked, spit upon, humiliated, crucified, left for dead, & buried. 

We may be experiencing a Saturday today, in which we are cold, alone, stumbling in the dark, hopeless, sealed up, locked in, & can’t get out. 

Whatever we are experiencing today, don’t give up!   Don’t give in!  Never surrender!  Hang in there!  Keep holding on because we are going to make it for Sunday is coming!  God promises to make our wrongs right on Sunday.  God will raise us up on Sunday.  God will pick us up, turn us around, dust us off, & plant us on solid ground on Sunday.  Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes early on Sunday morning (Psalms 30:5)!  No matter what people may put us through, always remember, “At least they are not putting nails through our hands.”


Antoine N. Holloway is a native of Richmond, Virginia.  He & his wife Angela have two daughters, Olivia & Victoria.  He st

udied Mathematics & Engineering @ Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia & Biblical Studies at Andersonville Theological Se

minary in Camilla, Georgia.  Antoine has been serving as an Evangelist for 21 years, working with churches in Virginia, Maryland, & Indiana.  He currently works with the Northside church of Christ in Tucson, Arizona since August 2015.  Brother Holloway has published 4 books & has published articles in Gospel Truths & Biblical Insights magazine.  He speaks on lectures both at churches & colleges & conducts gospel meetings throughout the United States & internationally i.e. Tortola, Barbados, Colombia, & Nicaragua.  Antoine presently hosts a weekly live call-in radio program called "Show Me The Scripture" in Tucson.